Enough pondering, we pulled the plug and purchased a Brownie Third Lung dive system. After a quick assembly, we used the new toy at Sombrero Reef Reserve off of Marathon Key. It was a beautiful day so we loaded the rig into the tender and scooted out 20 minutes to the reef. The water was pretty flat, pretty warm, pretty clear and just plain pretty! Loads of fan corals and more schools of fish than I have seen in years (I think they are used to being fed…they had that expectant look about them). The rig was amazingly easy to use. Just make sure your battery is charged and it will power the compressor for three hours of diving for two divers at a time, to a depth of 65 feet. After a bit of getting used to this new, ‘lighter’ feeling of diving (no tank, no B.C., no wet suit and thus, very little weight needed) it was really quite remarkable. The battery and compressor system sit in an inner tube, which bobs about at the surface as it follows you as you swim. Too bad I didn’t have a GoPro to show you the electric blue Parrot Fish or the huge Barracuda hanging out by our buoy line…well, that’s on order next!

Also, included in the toy list…Bluetooth headsets, an exercise bike and a BBQ…Santa may have been late, but his bag was full!!!